Submit Your Content

We make sure that the content on our site is above a certain quality. You need a creator account to submit your content to our site. For a creator account, you must pass a preliminary assessment.

  • First of all, we publish maxis match style content.
  • Your models should not have a high mesh structure. For game optimization, we do not accept meshes that are too high from the game style.
  • Are you designing buildings for the sims 4? If your ts4 builds are interesting, you can also get a creator account and share your ts4 builds.

If you believe you meet these standards, you can apply for a creator account.

What can I do with the creator account?

  • You can upload your content to the site. (Your content is checked., only content above a certain quality is published.)
  • You get a profile page. (eg You can edit your profile page. (You can talk about yourself, share links to your social accounts, direct your fans to sites like patreon to support you.)
  • We know you spend time creating contents. You can ask your fans to support you. You can gain supporters and followers by sharing your links such as patreon, buy me a coffee, youtube on your profile and content page.
  • If you want, you can publish your content with early access. For example, your Patreon link will be displayed in the download section during early access.
Creator Account Application